Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foresight Linux

I have to say, I'm really pleased with Foresight Linux thus far. FL uses the Conary Package Manager. Conary can be hard to learn but there are many benefits you can gain from it. Foresight is ran by rPath Linux which is based out of North Carolina (Go Mid-Atlantic!)

+ Only downloads what it needs, it doesn't have to uninstall, then download, and then install. Just downloads what it needs for the update. Which makes for faster updates.
+ Say you download a package from a server, not a server you use all the time, Conary will also search that server for updates :)
+ It can do roll backs.

The most useful function is when it update a package not listed in your repositories. also using things like Troves which is like a version number. Grant it, Learn how to packages from a server is quite confusing at first but it goes something like this:

  • rBuilder will display every label the package is available on, including Foresight 1.x, Foresight 2, and Foresight's two testing branches (fl:2-devel and fl:2-qa)
  • Packages available in fl:2 are available for installation using Conary or PackageKit on your Foresight computer
  • If the package shows available in fl:2-devel or fl:2-qa you can install it, but you are installing beta software.
  • To install you will have to use Conary in the command line. To install, in a terminal type:
 Ya, not easy to explain. so lets try this: 
It works like this "package=shadowed from (minus everything past the /)" that you got off the

link above. So you get this:

sudo conary update

That's the best way i can explain it. Other than that, not much different. One thing not corrected
is that you can go full screen with flash in Firefox or Opera.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Linux Windows Emulator (WINE) testing

All testing done in Fedora 10 GNOME with WINE 1.0.6 (Windows Emulator)... No hiccups yet. The PSOne and N64 emulators need work, thats a Windows problem, and not a Linux problem. Quake 3 Arena plays online Flawlessly at the highest settings @ 1024x768 Fullscreen. Return to Castle Wolfenstein plays 100% at full screen at highest settings. Quake 2 doesn't even touch the system resources :) Plus all the sound works!

BoycottAdvance (Gameboy Advanced Emulator)
Magic PCEngine (Turbografx-16 Emulator)Project64 (Nintendo 64 Emulator)ePSXe 1.7 (Playstation 1 emulator)Quake 2Quake 3 Arena

Return to Castle Wolfenstein