Sunday, December 21, 2008

Current Fedora Desktop

Just a few screens of my current desktop. I'm currently using Clearlooks-Compact2 as a GTK2 Theme and Compiz. Also, found this awesome article on how to get the most "space" in GNOME. I got it here and everything worked :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Computer Stats Update

My Distro-Hopping has stopped at:

HDD: Maxtor 6B200P0 (IDE/189.9 GB)
- /dev/sda1: 142.87 GB ext3 HOME/Backup
- /dev/sda2: 21.41 GB ext3 Omega 10 (Fedora 10 Remix) (GNOME / RPM Based)
- /dev/sda4: 21.63 GB XFS Zenwalk 5.2 (Enligthenment 17, XFCE, GNOME, KDE / Slackware Based)
+Extended (1 GB)
- /dev/sda6: 1 GB Swap

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fedora 10 = Success

i must say that i'm very satisfied... i ditched the Fedora 10 KDE4 for GNOME. I tripped over a Fedora 10 remix called Omega 10. Omega 10 comes with DVD, MP3, and Codec support out of the box along with a few extra video playback program. It also has preinstalled extra repositories (rpmfusion) so added Nvidia and other "non-free" software was easy as cutting pie :) KDE4 just eats memory and flashy eyecandy....

other than that.. i just have Omega 10 and Zenwalk 5.2 as my distos. Slackware will always have a home on my desktop.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 1 with Fedora 10 KDE4

The goal is trying to use all the programs and things I do in Mint work here. Samba shares, NTFS, DeVeDe, K3B, Firefox, Picasa, Krusader, SMPlayer, etc. Keep in mind that I haven't been a fan of KDE in any version. I did try Fedora 9 KDE4 and PC-BSD 7.0 KDE4, those were the beginnings of KDE4 and should of never been released as finished. At best those versions should of been Beta or a RC1. I've been distro hopping as of late, so why not try Fedora 10 because the reviews have been so positive. For a general list of packages included with CD:

Day One: Installations, Nvidia Drivers, Getting used to KDE4.
Okay off the bat, K3B in Linux Mint failed a burn at 4x (what?). 2nd shot at Automatic speed worked.. weird. Using the Fedora 10 KDE4 LiveCD. Installation as really easy, just as friendly as other popular distros (*buntu, SUSE, Mandriva). Just the generic blah blah of all distros. Hardware Detection found everything but my On-Board Nvidia Card... i kinda expected that. A lot of distros try to use all the free drivers and Nvidia/ATi aren't free. They tant your Kernel.

Off the bat KDE4, like Vista, uses what i call a Kickoff menu style. If your a Gnome, XFCE, or even Enlightenment, it will take while to get used to it. Click on the Fedora icon and get a menu with tabs, in each tab has a menu. In that menu, has a list as well and a list.. so like this.. Fedora Icon -> Application Tab -> Click Utilities -> Pick the program. Okay, i found myself stuck.. Well there is arrow to the left that it like a Back Button. I'm trying to get used to this. But if you hate it like I do. You can right click the Menu Button and switch it to Classic Menu Style.

This is always the pain in the ass part, just like with Fedora 8 and 9. Hardly used Konqueror as my Browser, so lets use it. Off to after about 20 mins of searching and getting nothing but Fedora 9 help. Hello 10 was just released!! So, off to and what do ya know, off the bat found Followed that completely and after 30 mins, Nvidia Drivers. Okay no 3d effects but that is okay. Also used RPMfusion to add all non-free video codecs

Konqueror is the default Internet Browser and the only one... I didn't like that. So, off to get Firefox 3. Menu -> Applications -> System -> Software Management. Started Kpackageget... searched for Firefox 3 then added my add-ons to Firefox and bam that easy.

Simple Filemanager: Dolphin (not as indept as Konqueror or Krusader) is nice and polished looking. Does the job.

So, a 3rd way there. and just as fast as Mint XFCE with Compiz and Emerald.

Day 2: deeper explanations of KDE4 interface (Plasmanoids, settings, and of course Desktop Icons). Everyone biggest problems were trying to get desktop icons.. so i dive into it. I may take pics as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kenosha Linux User Group

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" hello everyone,
i'm looking forward to meeting with all of you at some point. i'm
posting this to find out if any of you would like to go out for some
coffee or meal. Currently, I work for Kenosha Unified School District
but my schedule isn't set in stone because I'm a substitute. My
availability for the job has to be 2:45p-12a M-F and a sporadic
weekday off . Weekends seems to be the most open for me.

Anyone interested can contact me here or at these sites below
Blogspot (
Myspace (
Facebook (

Many Blessings
Happy Winter Holidays
Jason "