Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Computer Stats Update

My Distro-Hopping has stopped at:

HDD: Maxtor 6B200P0 (IDE/189.9 GB)
- /dev/sda1: 142.87 GB ext3 HOME/Backup
- /dev/sda2: 21.41 GB ext3 Omega 10 (Fedora 10 Remix) (GNOME / RPM Based)
- /dev/sda4: 21.63 GB XFS Zenwalk 5.2 (Enligthenment 17, XFCE, GNOME, KDE / Slackware Based)
+Extended (1 GB)
- /dev/sda6: 1 GB Swap


  1. I am the creator of Omega. Good to see folks using it. If you got more feedback, feel free to drop me a email at metherid AT gmail.com

  2. Omega is such a good distro and it will remain as my Main Linux on my box for now. Right now, OpenSuse 11.1 is on 31 GB partition... Been thinking of giving Foresight Linux another go.